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PROJECT#1 Tie this around your neck.

[ A livelounge original product ]

Society as we know it is broken ,racism , sexism , religion, finances, media manipulation…. our every essence of being is blurred and subdued into a meaningless shell of an existence. We encourage people to write their own story and stop living the story line set out as the “right thing” and stop merely existing. The mind is a powerful tool its time to throwout the shackles and use independent thought.

Be creative always – be happy – stop existing and start thriving.

Description :

Black Unisex Hoodies.

Screen printed in the UK using the finest inks and ethically sources materials

Unisex Hoodies – Tailored fit.

Washing instructions :

Wash at 30°c

Don’t iron over print

Sizes available ( S, M, L, XL )


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